Escape Quest Level 8 Walkthrough

Hints for Escape Quest Level 8 Walkthrough how to pass the room niveau 8 – collect and combine items, solve puzzle codes to escape the room with key and move to next stage !
Escape Quest – Adventure by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape quest stage 8 solution
tap the photo on table and remember the shirt color : red blue green yellow
tap the trash can and enter the color code to get the robot arm
tap the certificate on left wall and remember the number : 7 4 1 2
use the code to open the box on left table and get the laser
connect the robot parts to the robot on table

tap the ball on floor and connect these numbers :
purple 7 – 4
yellow 1 – 10
red 3 – 8
blue 8 – 3
green 5 – 6
get a tape from the ball and use it on the projector player on red table

tap the tv and change the number using the color on each side :
8 5 2
7 x 9
3 6 11
get a key from the xstation

pick up the dvd game box under the tv and use the key to open it for laser
tap the right board and get the robot arm
connect both part to the robot on red table

look at the numbers above tv for the laser point : 483 2
tap the door keypad and press the code number to open & escape for next level

escape quest nivel 8 video cheats guide :


Welcome to the first episode of “Escape Quest” – from the developers of “Can You Escape”! Are you ready to face this challenging adventure game full of tricky puzzles and mind blowing twists?
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