Escape Stargate Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape Stargate Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough – Feel like a traveler in universe with Escape Stargate game where you need to escape from each room niveau by solving a lot of complex puzzle logic using items and number codes !
Escape Stargate by GiPNETiX LTD on android devices


escape stargate level 16 walkthrough
tap 4 green button and remember the shape pattern the machine makes, then change the square like the same shape

escape stargate level 17 walkthrough
tap the machine on top, a robot will come out
you need to look at the pattern of each robot makes and the direction to tap
press the correct button on door using the clue from robot

escape stargate level 18 walkthrough
tap the hand print on door
get the battery on floor and open the hatch on right floor
insert the battery and close the hatch, then tap the hand print again to open door

escape stargate level 19 walkthrough
drag the hose to the pipe then tap the yellow button
shake your phone to make the cover fall
get the cover and use it to the left button above yellow button

escape stargate level 20 walkthrough
open the suitcase and connect the puzzle piece
now you need to tap the correct symbol order like the clue on top


Challenge yourself at escape stargate interstellar adventure! You are interstellar traveler that discovers our Universe. You travel so long that you lost your own World….
Try to get back, but it won’t be so simple… back to escape stargate walkthrough list

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