Escape the Bedroom Walkthrough

Room escape game by putsisgames, with the guide solution : escape the bedroom walkthrough
You ended up in a bad neighbourhood and now you are locked into a filthy bedroom. Try to escape before the bad guys return…


video hints for escape the bedroom cheats

step by step answers :
you need to escape this place
click the pillow to zoom in and find an ice pick under it

move right twice to see a white refrigerator
tap the shelf and look behind the cocoa puffs box
“if you get hungry, just sing the song below…
by frankie 17
when i was seventeen,
it was a very good year…
it was a very good year for small town girls
and soft summer nights
we’d hide from the lights
on the village green
when i was seventeen”

the 17 is repeated so many times, so it’s a code
press the refrigerator and change the YYYY into XVII then enter
there is a key frozen inside, use ice pick to break it
get the key

click the basket left to refrigerator
get a second key

move left twice to see a cabinet
use the key to open the drawer and get a leaf key


move right 3x use the leaf key to open door and get out
use the other key to open door on right
enter the warehouse

get a yellow gloves right to the crate on the shelf
go out and move left you will see a electric fence
tap on the bag to zoom in
use the ice pick to make a hole to the bag
get a gear


go to the fence by clicking on the danger sign
select yellow gloves and use it to get allen wrench from the sign

back to the house
click on the vacuum cleaner machine
“looks like i need an allen tool here”
select the allen tool and open the mchine
get a silver coin

go out to the warehouse
look on the forklift truck, there’s a red toolbox
use the coin to open, get a red wrench
back and move to the right
zoom in the marshall stereo amp
“hmm, ‘marshall’ seems to fit somewhere”

back to the house
move left twice, tap on the box on the closet
enter “marshall” and get a magnet with string

back to warehouse, click on the fire extinguisher
use wrench to top the top part
use magnet to get a key inside

get out and remember the crate numbers :

back to warehouse and use the key to open door around fence
there’s a stairs, go up to the right room
click the table and input the number from crate
get another gear

go downstairs and click on the silver briefcase near marshall stereo amp
place in 2 gear to open the briefcase, get a green key
back to upstairs, click on the green safe right to the table
use the key to open and get a final key


go out and use this key to open door
you will see the exit is nearby

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