Escape the Prison Room Level 2 Walkthrough

Escape the Prison Room Level 2 Walkthrough how to pass each prison room and beat the puzzle challenge ! find items to break the code, get key and reach new door stage
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Escape the Prison Room Nivel 2 Video Cheats Guide :

This popular game has now a Prison themed of all your favorite Prison break movies.

escape the prison room niveau 2 solution :
get these items :
roll of wire on left ladder
pipe under the left bed
screwdriver tip, cloth and screwdriver handle on right bed

combine the screwdriver handle + tip and use it to open 4 screws on left wall bars
get a red handle

tap the right wall next to the door
connect the pipe then add the handle and press it to get a saw

combine the saw + cloth + wire, use it to cut the door bars open and exit for next level


In this Prison version, try to break out of each jail room. Solve the mini puzzles and discover the hidden objects to use them to open the room and go to the next level.
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