Escape the Room Zombies Level 8 Walkthrough

Hints for Escape the Room Zombies Level 8 Walkthrough to help you solve the horror room theme and find your way out by entering some code numbers to get item tools that you can use to escape this niveau.
Escape the Room Zombies by Pedro Chang on android and iphone device


escape the room zombies level 8
tap the left cabinet, open the box to get a light bulb
use the bulb on left lamp and turn it on to reveal 4 shape : crescent circle star hexagon
tap the right cabinet drawer and change the shape to open, get a screwdriver

go to other room, tap the left sofa and move the pillow to get a gun
click the right piano and move it to reveal vent, remove the screws with screwdriver
use the gun on the zombie hand and get a yellow hard drive


tap the middle cabinet, open the right door to reveal button with colors
now find numbers with color all over the room as clue for password code
open the left cabinet, solve the puzzle to get a green hard drive
go back to 1st room and tap the right box, enter :
7 red 4 white 3 orange 9 blue
get the red hard drive

press the right panel next to the door and place all hard drive to the correct colors, then change the numbers into 325641 to open the door


escape the room zombies nivel 8 video cheats guide :

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