Escape the Terror Room Level 2 Walkthrough

Escape the Terror Room Level 2 Walkthrough how to solve the mini puzzles and find the hidden objects to open the room and move for the next level with horror theme.
app game by lcmobileapp79 on android and iphone device


the goal is to open each door solving different puzzles, you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the door

Escape the Terror Room nivel 2 Video Cheats Guide :

escape the terror room niveau 2 solution :
open the top drawer of left cabinet to get a handle
tap the painting on right bed and place the handle, open it for key
use the key to open lamp table next to the bed and get a glass
look at the flower painting on right wall, count how many green leaves :
left = 5
right = 3
tap the botton left cabinet door and press the arrow like the leaf number
open it and get a stick

open the drawer of left lamp table for a cloth
use the cloth to clean the left mirror and remember the dot position
o o x o x
o x o o o
x o x o o
o o o o x
o o x x o

tap the bottom right drawer of lamp table on right, and press the correct button
obtain a light bulb inside
click the left lamp and put the light bulb + stick on it
turn on the lamp for number clue : 6835

open bottom left cabinet drawer to get paper scroll
pour the water on paper to reveal hints
find the numbers for “Alones” from the mirror hints
tap the right drawer of left cabinet and enter 276
get key


tap door and enter 6835 and use key to open door

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