Escape the Terror Room Level 4 Walkthrough

Escape the Terror Room Level 4 Walkthrough how to solve the mini puzzles and find the hidden objects to open the room and move for the next level with horror theme.
app game by lcmobileapp79 on android and iphone device


the goal is to open each door solving different puzzles, you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the door

Escape the Terror Room nivel 4 Video Cheats Guide :

escape the terror room niveau 4 solution :
get a red battery from the right ladder
get a key from the right chair
use the key to get blue battery from box on left shelf

look at the clock time above door
tap the computer on middle from right table
change time into 7:47 it will show you a clue :
12:00 -> 03:00 -> 09:00
03:00 -> 06:00 -> 12:00

tap the blue button on left shelf
change the time hint into arrow direction :
up – right – left
right – down – up
remember the star from book :
3 left – 2 right – 1 left

tap left wall and press the star button like the clue
get a yellow battery

open the suitcase on left shelf
put all 3 batteries inside and get a card


use the card on the door
the hint = 12345
change the white square number to match the number and open the door

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