Escape Through History Level 10 Walkthrough

27th December, 1504 – Italy, Florence, Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop – Solution for escape through history level 10 walkthrough
Escape History by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape through history niveau 10 solution
get a brush on table, knife on small table, lens on box with lantern
use the knife to get a paper from the plane wing
combine the lens with paper
put the lens on the telescope and find 4 planets
use the planet color as guide to change the color painting palette on table
use the brush to get brown color
screw the monalisa paint and get 4 green color letters

look a the human pose hint on bookshelf and use it on the human pose poster to highlight the correct red color
move the poster and change 4 letters into green color letters tips
get the key inside the wall to open the door


escape through history video cheats guide nivel 10 :

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