Escape Through History Level 15 Walkthrough

31th December, 2025 – US, New York City, Manhattan, The Last Day – Cheats for escape through history level 15 walkthrough
Escape History by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape through history niveau 15 solution
click on the carpet for a stone
use the stone to break the glass, pick a piece of glass
with this piece you can take some part of picture from the right painting : GOSNAC ORDO
use this part on the globe to get a hint : BOSNIA

tap on the TV on the right side to find some countries and channel numbers
spell B O S N I A from the first letters of each country and remember the number

click on the computer to change XXXXXX for BOSNIA numbers
you’ll find some screw position

get 2 part of stethoscope from security camera and statue
combine it to read the safe box and change the screw position
grab the key inside and open the door


escape through history video cheats guide nivel 15 :

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