Escape To Survive Level 13 Walkthrough

Answer for Escape To Survive Level 13 Walkthrough – Solve puzzles and use items to unlock the code to escape from 20 locked rooms of the train room stage full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! hurry up as the train is about to crash!
прохождение Escape To Survive by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape To Survive Stage 13 Cheats
get a phone from right sandal
obtain a remote TV under left pillow and get a hammer under bottom left drawer
look on right floor, use hammer to open the hatch for paper clue
open paper clue for maze direction
open phone from inventory and use the maze direction to unlock the code
you will find some white stripes, memorize the position

use TV remote to turn on the TV on right and find the color on the white stripes position clue
red – yellow – blue
tap on left panel and use the color code to open it and get the keycard
use keycard to open the door and escape
continue to escape to survive stage 14


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