Escape To Survive Level 4 Walkthrough

Hint for Escape To Survive Level 4 Walkthrough – Solve puzzles and use items to unlock the code to escape from 20 locked rooms of the train room stage full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! hurry up as the train is about to crash!
прохождение Escape To Survive by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape To Survive Stage 4 Cheats
look under the pillow on left to get a handphone
open the phone from inventory to see the first letters of the name : DART
use this code to open right briefcase
get a magnifying glass inside

take the scissors on left lamp
tap right pillow and cut it open using the scissors for paper clue
use the magnifying glass to read the paper clue
you will see numbers from top and clockwise = 3 5 1 6
tap the door and enter the code from top left
press the green triangle button to open the door and escape
proceed to escape to survive stage 5


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