Escape To Survive Level 7 Walkthrough

Answer for Escape To Survive Level 7 Walkthrough – Solve puzzles and use items to unlock the code to escape from 20 locked rooms of the train room stage full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! hurry up as the train is about to crash!
прохождение Escape To Survive by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape To Survive Stage 7 Cheats
look at the ceiling on left for height order : 1 3 2
use this clue to open left bag for a lighter
get a candle on bottom of left seat
combine candle + lighter to melt it down for key
use key to open the box under right seat for car toy

count the color number on left blue board :
5 red – 3 white – 4 green – 2 yellow
enter the number to the left box to get a boat toy
get a plane toy on top right
pick up paper clue on right seat
look at the toy order : car plane boat
find letters on each toy and order them : TAN
continue to escape to survive stage 8


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