Escape World Travel Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough

Guide for Escape World Travel Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough – travel the world start from tokio to other places! can you escape, play mini escape games to find the hidden objects and solve puzzles on each niveau stage !
прохождение Escape World Travel by Bonbeart on android device


escape world travel level 41 walkthrough
tap the door then you will see a lot of spears
break the 2nd spear tip from left
shake your phone and pull down the block
use spear to cut down the ropes

escape world travel level 42 walkthrough
move the ball by tilting your phone to left and right
you need to move the silver ball to the middle hole without hitting any red ball

escape world travel level 43 walkthrough
move the vase to the left to get the scroll
open the scroll to see number 9 in red
this is the clue to move the number using arrow on top of the door
if you follow the arrow you will get the answers : 2009939

escape world travel level 44 walkthrough
find the plate part :
1 on top right
move the right vase to get a tool
use the tool to break left vase and get 2nd part
drag the left vase to get the last part
put all part on the table

escape world travel level 45 walkthrough
get the torch on right door and use it on the fire
use the torch on the vines to reveal numbers
now you need to order the numbers on door like the clue


The game is in the popular style of: 100 Doors, 100 Floors, 100 Rooms and etc. From the developers of 100 Doors Seasons. Solve many puzzles to escape the rooms nivel.
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