Escape World’s Largest Hotel Level 13 Walkthrough

Guide for Escape World’s Largest Hotel Level 13 Walkthrough – You find yourself trapped in the huge hotel and your mission it to escape! This escape game has many different locations filled with epic puzzles. You need to break codes, find hidden objects and use your brain to find your way out.
прохождение Escape World’s Largest Hotel by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape World’s Largest Hotel Stage 13 Cheats
pick up the bat on left window
tap under right chair cushion to get book
look behind the plant to get paper
open the paper and look at the position clue of smiley
open left basket and get a smiley cube
look at the cube and match with the paper to get the codes : 7 5 2 8
enter these numbers to the box on middle table to get a tablet
connect the picture from tablet to see items clue :
bat – book – ball
with animals :
bird = green
cock = blue
duck = yellow

observe each items to get colors :
bat = white red yellow
book = blue yellow green
ball = green blue orange
open the left chest box with these color code and get a key
use the key to open door and escape to stage 14


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