Escape World’s Toughest Prison Level 20 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape World’s Toughest Prison Level 20 Walkthrough – Solve puzzle, cracking code, lock picking, find hidden objects and combine items to escape the prison rooms. Hurry up, the world’s toughest prison isn’t a nice place to spend your time – escape!
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Escape World’s Toughest Prison Stage 20 Cheats
get an iron stick on floor
look on the chairs and pick up :
– magnet
– a piece of paper under the green book
– zipper under the chair with bag, use the zipper to open the bag for laser
– card with holes on floor under the chair

combine stick + magnet and use it to get key on left door
open the door for box and use the laser on it
open the box and get pencils

look under left trash can for another paper clue
use the pencils to color it
tap on right locker and change the color that pointing the button into :
up = red
right = green
down = blue
left = yellow

get a paper
now combine it with the card
enter 8 2 9 on the middle door

use the odd + even clue on paper to get the numbers :
x o x o
o x o x
x o o o
o x o o
tap the x and you can open the door
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