Escape World’s Toughest Prison Level 6 Walkthrough

Hint for Escape World’s Toughest Prison Level 6 Walkthrough – Solve puzzle, cracking code, lock picking, find hidden objects and combine items to escape the prison rooms. Hurry up, the world’s toughest prison isn’t a nice place to spend your time – escape!
прохождение Escape World’s Toughest Prison by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape World’s Toughest Prison Stage 6 Cheats
look on left trash can for handle
get a pen on corner left and a screwdriver tip on left shelf
combine screwdriver tip + handle, then use it to open right panel of the keypad
find 2 batteries : behind the pot on corner right and inside right vase
insert the battery to the panel

apple the color clue right to the door :
red – green – blue
now change the button color on panel into :
row 1 = red
row 2 = green
row 3 = blue
get a paper clue then combine it with pen
you will find these height order = 3 1 2

tap the door and change the height on each button :
x x x
o x x
x x o
x o x
x x x
tap the button to open the door and escape !
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