Family in Puzzle House Level 13 Walkthrough

Family in Puzzle House Level 13 Walkthrough – Come and play at the adorable puzzle mansion to help the mother with her baby escape ! let’s look for the keys together by solving the puzzle riddle and escape the room !
прохождение Family in Puzzle House by gameday Inc.


family in puzzle house level 13F walkthrough
open the refrigerator to get the frozen key
open the cupboard and get the bread
turn over the carpet in front of the door and get the power line
use the power line on the toaster to provide power
toast the bread in the powered up toaster
watch how the bread is cooked, and enter the numbers on the password box
diamond : 2
triangle : 1
circle : 3
to get the gas stove key
use the key on the door below the gas stove to unlock and open it
solving the pipe puzzle will provide gas to the stove and allow you to turn it on
turn on the gas stove and put the frozen key in the pot to melt the ice and get the key
use the key to open the door and escape to floor 14

step by step family in puzzle house stage 13 video guide


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