Family in Puzzle House Level 15 Walkthrough

Family in Puzzle House Level 15 Walkthrough – Come and play at the adorable puzzle mansion to help the mother with her baby escape ! let’s look for the keys together by solving the puzzle riddle and escape the room !
прохождение Family in Puzzle House by gameday Inc.


family in puzzle house level 15F walkthrough
get the 3 block from the calendar hanging on the wall
get the baby socks from the floor
take apart the baby socks to get 1 block
open the drawer and get the mirror
get the mirror support from the desk
combine the mirror support and mirror to get the desk mirror
open the window on the left wall to let the sunlight in and then use the desk mirror on the table to make the teddy cover its eyes
get the 7 block from the pendant around the teddy’s neck
check the calendar for the date with the star marked on it = november 25th
enter the password 1125 into the box on the baby bed and get the 9 block
refer to the hint written on the wall :
A + B = C
put the blocks on the block tower located at the center in the order 9 3 1 7
next open the tower roof and get the key
use the key to open the door and escape to floor 16

step by step family in puzzle house stage 15 video guide


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