Family in Puzzle House Level 17 Walkthrough

Family in Puzzle House Level 17 Walkthrough – Come and play at the adorable puzzle mansion to help the painter artist escape ! let’s look for the keys together by solving the puzzle riddle and escape the room !
прохождение Family in Puzzle House by gameday Inc.


family in puzzle house level 17F walkthrough
open the drawer and get the star head screwdriver tip
get the umbrella from the umbrella stand
get the fire extinguisher hose hanging on the wall
hook the umberlla onto the loop hanging from the ceiling to drag down the bord with the painting on it
check the painting on the board :
heart – square – hexagon – circle
press the books on the bookshelf in the right order to get the phillips screwdriver

use the screwdriver on the screws of the fire extinguisher box on the wall to get the fire extinguisher canister
combine the fire extinguisher hose and fire extinguisher canister to make the fire extinguisher

use the fire extinguisher on the firelace to put out the fire
remove the coals remaining inside the fireplace
take apart the phillips screwdriver to get the screwdriver handle
combine the handle with the star head screwdriver tip to get the star head screwdriver
use the screwdriver to unscrew the star screws below the fireplace and then open the plate to get the key
use the key to open the door and escape to floor 18

step by step family in puzzle house stage 17 video guide


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