Family in Puzzle House Level 24 Walkthrough

Family in Puzzle House Level 24 Walkthrough – Come and play at the adorable puzzle mansion to help the lady with her cat ! let’s look for the keys together by solving the puzzle riddle and escape the room !
прохождение Family in Puzzle House by gameday Inc.


family in puzzle house level 24F walkthrough
take out the trash twice from the trash can and get the matchbox
get the matchstick on the shelf
combine the matchbox and matchstick to get the burning match
use the burning match on the cannon to fire it
get the captain doll from inside the cannon
put the captain doll in the pirate ship to have the treasure box come out and get the treasure map
disassemble the treasure map to get the treasure map USB
use the USB on the computer to show the treasure coordinates on the screen, and the skull device on the wall will open
check the treasure coordinates :
pentagon = 28
hexagon = 35
press the teeth of the skull device and enter the password 2835 to get the key
use the key to open the door and escape to floor 25

step by step family in puzzle house stage 24 video guide


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