Fantasy Escape Level 14 Walkthrough

Solution for Fantasy Escape Level 14 Walkthrough – Get ready to escape from your dreams ! Use your imagination to solve the puzzle, riddle, tricks and escape all those rooms your brain is generating for you. Are you ready for the most uncommon room escape game you have every played ?
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Fantasy Escape Level 14 Walkthrough
look under the carpet for wooden puzzle
you need to connect the numbers of dots with the shapes
here’s the answer for each right side :
3 4 2
3 3 5
get the vr cardboard glasses

look at left wall
use the clue on curtain for the painting direction :
red = up
blue = up right
green = down right
purple = down
obtain an axe and letter E

pick up lantern on left chair
use the painting clue to open right table drawer :
bridge – sun – ship – windmill – tree
get a letter C
use the axe to open the hatch on drawer for rubber
combine rubber + glasses

place the lantern to the box on table
insert the missing letters on table
with glasses and these clue :

change the order of letters on table :
get the key and use it to unlock the door open
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