Fantasy Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Solution for Fantasy Escape Level 8 Walkthrough – Get ready to escape from your dreams ! Use your imagination to solve the puzzle, riddle, tricks and escape all those rooms your brain is generating for you. Are you ready for the most uncommon room escape game you have every played ?
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Fantasy Escape Level 8 Walkthrough
go to right and get a stick torch, shovel and 2 horseshoes
memorize the horseshoe direction above door :
up down up up down

go back
tap left and get a lighter and paper
read the paper for clue where to dig and numbers :
3 1
4 2
7 3
dig on left ground using shovel to get a pipe

go to the right
combine torch + lighter and go inside right room
pick up wrench and watering can

go back and tap the fountain
place the missing horseshoes and change the direction
connect the pipe then change the numbers into :
7 3 3 2 1 4

use watering can on the fountain to get water
go to the right and water the left bushes to grow flower with clue
tap right door with flower in these order :
x 3 x
x x x
x 4 x
2 x 5
x 1 x
proceed to fantasy escape stage 9


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