Grand Escape Level 12 Walkthrough

Cheat for Grand Escape Level 12 Walkthrough – Find a way to escape this strange hotel with 15 bizarre rooms full of traps, clues, hints and puzzles! use all the puzzle solving skills to break code and riddle on each niveau stage of the room escape game.
прохождение Grand Escape by rapped on iphone and android


Grand Escape Level 12 Cheats
open left table drawer for nails and lens inside and film cover near bottle
look another table on left and get a switch button, open drawer for film
combine film + cover
pick up screwdriver on table
put the lens on projector then add the film
combine screwdriver + nails + switch
use it on right wall and remember the blue color
x o o o
o o x o
o x o x
x x o x
o o x o
x o o x
o x x o
x o o x
tap on left cabinet and press the correct block
get a cutter inside and use it on right sofa for key
open door with this key and escape to stage 13


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