Grand Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Answers for Grand Escape Level 7 Walkthrough – Find a way to escape this strange hotel with 15 bizarre rooms full of traps, clues, hints and puzzles! use all the puzzle solving skills to break code and riddle on each niveau stage of the room escape game.
прохождение Grand Escape by rapped on iphone and android


Grand Escape Level 7 Cheats
look at the paper clue on middle : 200 degree 30 min
get bottle opener on right and open fridge for chicken
get spoon and bowl on left side
combine bowl + chicken and put it on left oven
turn the dial into 30 and 300
you will see numbers on chicken

use bottle opener to open middle jar and use spoon to get the item
use the item on the air duct on right side
get the matches on left side and turn on the stove
you will see numbers on wall

combine both numbers and enter it on left keypad : 54298
get key then use it to open door and escape to stage 8


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