GunFight Dead or Alive Walkthrough

GunFight Dead or Alive Walkthrough – have an exciting adventure, many items to collect and more puzzle to solve ! find weapon, gun, bullets to defend yourself and become a bounty hunter sheriff to start hunt for every wanted crimnal !
GunFight: Dead or Alive app game by Amphibius Developers on android and iphone


hunt these wanted person dead or alive :
billy the kid james with $750 reward
garie red star joxson $1500 reward
mad dog mccoy $2000 reward

gunfight : dead or alive level 1 cheat guide :

gun fight dead or alive solutions :
get a knife from bench, click the right arrow
use the knife to cut the rope from pole
get a crowbar near pole, go back and get a white hat on floor
talk to the man on right and give him the hat for a key
open the right door and go inside the building
tap the table and get :
bucket, cigarettes, use crowbar on the box for a ball
go outside and talk to the man to trade the cigarettes for a matchbox

click the left arrow
tap the well and use the bucket to get some water
click right arrow
use the ball on the cannon then add the matchbox
tap the broken wall
use the bucket to put out the fire from wagon
get these items :
coins, bullets, wolf pin

go back to the saloon
use the crowbar to open the box on left side for hays
use the rope on the rock next to the horse
give hays to the horse
get a sheriff star under the rock

use the star to enter the guns building
get gun 1 and combine the bullets + gun
back to the wagon and talk to the man using gun
shoot all the bottles and take the saloon pass, key, coin

go back and move to the right building
use the key to open the jail, use the wolf pin to the left box
get a coin

get guns 2 from guns building
back to the saloon and use the pass to go inside
prepare your gun and shoot all 3 men on left, get a coin from their table
talk to the bar and get a good whisky
go out and give the bottle to the left man on the guns building for a card
go to saloon and move to left, give the man their missing card for a coin and key
move to the left and upstairs
use the key to open the box for a handle and coin

back to the wagon
use the handle on the faucet barrel and look inside the barrel for a ring
back to saloon and give the ring to the lady for a paper hint :
L 80
R 10
L 50
R 20
L 30
these are code to open safe box
go outside to the right, and go inside the right building
tap the safe and enter the code
get a sack and coin inside

go to the guns building and purchase gun 3
back to the saloon and move upstairs, give the sack for the lady to get a key


go back to the safe building and use the key to open right door
prepare your gun to kill the man and get a key
use the key to open the left door
billy the kid james is dead 😛

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