Happy Doggie Level 1 2 3 4 Walkthrough

Guide for Happy Doggie Level 1 2 3 4 Walkthrough – can you find the item that doggie wants ? solve puzzles with your wits, find items in he unknown corners ! there are 24 funny missions to challenge awaits you.
Happy Doggie – Find What He Wants By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device


happy doggie niveau 1 2 3 4 cheat :

happy doggie mission 1 walkthrough
tap the bear on floor and get the key behind it
open the left cabinet using key and obtain a chicken drumstick
click the red bowl on floor and place the chicken on it

happy doggie mission 2 walkthrough
tap the right chair and get a pink glove
use the glove to open the sink plug, pick up a yellow door handle
tap the top left cabinet and connect the door handle, open it to see hint : 1974
tap the bottom left cabinet to enter the code
obtain a yellow bone dog toy inside and give it to the dog

happy doggie mission 3 walkthrough
tap the right bookshelf for a pin, use pin on piggy bank on right blue chair to get a puzzle piece
open left cabinet, click on the pink box and place the puzzle piece on the missing spot, complete the puzzle to get 2 batteries
open the left drawer of left cabinet for a remote TV
combine remote + battery and turn on the TV

happy doggie mission 4 walkthrough
tap the left tree and get a nut
click the squirrel on left, give the nut to the squirrel for aper hint :
blue circle – yellow cresent – brown rectangle – purple star
tap the box on chair and enter the correct shape by pressing :
4x 1x 3x ox
get a net and tap the pool on right to get the toy, give it to the dog

happy doggie nivel 1 2 3 4 video guide :


Woof, woof, woof ! give me what i want, then i will be a happy doggie.
In Happy Doggie, various items that doggie wants are hidden in the unknown corners of the rooms. Bring your wits into full play to solve puzzles, find the items out and beat 24 challenging missions.

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