Happy Doggie Level 9 10 11 12 Walkthrough

Solutions for Happy Doggie Level 9 10 11 12 Walkthrough – can you find the item that doggie wants ? solve puzzles with your wits, find items in he unknown corners ! there are 24 funny missions to challenge awaits you.
Happy Doggie – Find What He Wants By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device


happy doggie niveau 9 10 11 12 cheat :

happy doggie mission 9 walkthrough
tap the canvas on left, you need to change some color like the dog want
remember the paper color on left wall : purple – orange – green
tap top left cabinet and open the right one, enter the color code
get a yellow paint inside, use the paint on the palette blue color to get a green color
pick up the palaette and use it on the canvas, get the picture to inventory
tap the right plant to get key, use it to open the 1st drawer of left table and get a frame
combine frame + picture and put it on the right wall

happy doggie mission 10 walkthrough
tap the left door of middle cabinet to open and get a bath foam
flip over the yellow towel on left to get a black card
look at the perfume color and shape on top of the cabinet, remember it
use the card to open the right cabinet door
enter the code :
blue square – pink circle – blue rectangle – yellow triangle
get a faucet inside, connect the faucet to the right bathtub side
tap the faucet to fill the bathtub with water then add the foam

happy doggie mission 11 walkthrough
tap on the dartboard and remember the dart color and number :
green = 9
red = 1
yellow = 6
tap the UFO toy and enter : 6 – 9 – 1 and get the key
use the key to open the small cabinet drawer for a bottle
open the pink box on top cabinet shelf for a screwdriver
tap the right robot to flip it and unscrew it open using screwdriver, get a torn paper
use the paper to connect the missing piece on the rocket poster for hints :
what goes up but never comes down ? AGE
use the bottle to clean the left chest and enter the answer for chest to get a dog collar
give it to the dog

happy doggie mission 12 walkthrough
tap the left wall to reveal a secret hatch, open it and get a scissors
use it to cut the right bunny bag for carrot amd give it to the left bunnies
use the scissors on the bird’s string to get a key
open the top drawer of cabinet using the key for handle
connect the handle on the left cabinet door and open it to find 2 snakes
now remember the animals :
1 blue bird – 2 green snakes – 5 yellow fish – 2 purple fish – 6 grey rabbit
tap the dog cage and change the number into :
1 – 5
6 – 2
after the dog out, then your mission is finished

happy doggie nivel 9 10 11 12 video guide :


Woof, woof, woof ! give me what i want, then i will be a happy doggie.
In Happy Doggie, various items that doggie wants are hidden in the unknown corners of the rooms. Bring your wits into full play to solve puzzles, find the items out and beat 24 challenging missions.

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