Hidden Escape Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough

Answers for Hidden Escape Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle logic on each mansion door room and find the code numbers to escape 100 doors 2015 niveau stage !
прохождение Hidden Escape by ZENFOX on android device


hidden escape level 81 walkthrough
shake your phone and get the blade
use the blade to cut the left plant and tap the button to open door

hidden escape level 82 walkthrough
on the center display you can see the picture that you need to find on the one of another displays
when you found the same picture you need to tap on it
tap 5 times to open door

hidden escape level 83 walkthrough
how many triangle on left and right ?
left = 5
right = 6
the password is 2576

hidden escape level 84 walkthrough
on the lawn in front of the house there are 3 items :
baseball bat
get all 3 items and use it on the hole (you need to do this really fast)
then you will get a key to open door

hidden escape level 85 walkthrough
tap the faucet
get the teacup on right and use it on faucet
place the teacup on the oven
get the glove to get the hot teacup
use the teacup on blue teacup, then use it on the blue cup
take the key and open door


Can you escape mystery room and get out the sinister mansion?! It’s time to show what you can do! In Hidden Escape you will be able to solve unique puzzles, riddles and secrets of the game world nivel.
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