High School Adventure Walkthrough

Guide for High School Adventure Walkthrough – help Ellie and Alex to win the poster design contest at school by beating Buster the bully ! you need to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, break codes and test your logic skills! explore classroom, bathroom, geography classroom, school storage room, computer lab, cafeteria, teachers lounge and get votes from each person that you can help to win !
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Can you escape from the bully and win the contest? high school adventure full walkthrough :

High School Adventure Solutions
open bag for flash drive
look on white poster to get clue of computer password from fruits math
you need to find the value of coconut + apple + banana then times 3
there’s also a clue on table for clock time : 8:25

go to the right and open green poster to get key
enter 210 on computer password and insert the flash drive to submit your poster

go to right and use key to open green locker for insulating tape
use it on the broken wire of the clock
change the time into 8:25 using the buttons
the class door will unlock and you can go to the bathroom

bathroom to help mr buckman catch mice
go to left and get key on floor
open left stall to get toilet paper CDIC

go to geography classroom and talk to mr griffin to help get texas flag
get white flag on table

go to cafeteria and talk to mrs leroy to help her to bring your english homework
go to left and use key to open door
go inside to get can opener and use code from toilet paper to get code with paper on wall
use code 3 4 9 3 to open box for cheese

go to bathroom and give cheese to mr buckman so you can get a vote
memorize the painting clue on mirror
go to left twice and open first aid box using the color hint
red yellow white
blue white blue
get air freshener

go to cafeteria and move to left
you’ll find price for :
banana = 7
orange = 9
cherries = 5
go to right and open box with the fruit color : 5 7 9
get a propane torch

go to school storage room
look at the floor tile and count color for red and yellow
do the math to open code on door : 19
go inside and get a hammer
use the torch to the locker chain then add hammer to break it
get the yellow paper of your english homework

go to cafeteria and give the lady your english homework
get the hint to activate the game on computer lab

now go to science fair and use air freshener on ice for key
back to bathroom and go to left twice to open red locker with key
solve the mystery box with pattern of row and column
1 2 4 3
2 1 3 4
3 4 2 1
4 3 1 2
get a can of beans inside then combine it with can opener

go to teachers lounge
tap on trash bin and talk to mr oscar on the trash can
give him the can of beans for vote and get the wooden stick

back to the bathroom and go to left twice
use the stick on trap to get screwdriver

go to science fair and move to left
use screwdriver to open the panel
you need to apply the color of blue orange from right poster
b b b o o o o – o b b b
get a paint stripper

go to storage room
enter the door and use paint stripper on left wall and use the flag to clean it
memorize the code : diamond square triangle circle

go to geography classroom and move to left
use the code on left locker to find clue for ireland 1 and italy 2
enter the color clue on left box :
green white orange – green white red
get the texas flag, sponge and cane inside

give mr griffin the flag and get vote + tuna can
go to bathroom and use sponge on the sink water
go to storage room and use cane to reach the ladder and climb up
use sponge to clean the mirror for code : 99755
enter the number on left panel
open the box and connect the picture to get fireworks

go to teacher’s lounge and talk to miss norris
help her get mr shmoopy back
combine can opener + tuna can and use it on the food bowl
she will give you her vote and secret code to login to school computer lab


go to computer lab and look for the clue on inventory to unlock the computer :
yellow red blue green
then enter Red green blue
play the game of tetris block
talk to the boy and give him the fireworks
follow the story to win the game ! that’s the end of High School Adventure Walkthrough

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