High School Escape Level 4 Walkthrough

Guide for High School Escape Level 4 Walkthrough – play as student to escape the locked campus by solving puzzle logic on every level ! Are you ready to escape through campus, trophy room, chemistry class and many others ?
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High School Escape Level 4 Walkthrough :
look at right sink and get the faucet handle and paper clip
go inside left shower room using paper clip and get a wrench + duct tape
use wrench to open the pipe on bottom right and get a paper clue of 7c
go to another left shower room and connect the handle then tap it
look at the color clue of A B C

tap left locker and change the numbers into the correct color gradiation :
9a / 3a x 2a
5b + 6b – 4b
8c – 7c + 1c
do the math and you will get code to open first aid box on right : 6 7 2
get the knife inside and combine it with duct tape

use the knife to cut wire above door and door will open


solution of high school escape level 4 video cheats guide :

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