High School Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Answers for High School Escape Level 7 Walkthrough – play as student to escape the locked campus by solving puzzle logic on every level ! Are you ready to escape through campus, trophy room, chemistry class and many others ?
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High School Escape Level 7 Walkthrough :
look at the poster on door there’s a number : 0216
enter the code on left box and get the phone
get the charger near the cake display and combine with the phone
connect the cable to the right plug
look at the cake display for color clue :
red – purple – blue
green – yellow – white
enter the color to phone and check on the message : 76518

tap right cold drinks vending machine and enter the code to get a drink
pour the drink on left vending machine wires
get the red card

get the chair on middle and put it on the table
look at the fan for knife
combine knife + can and use it to the dust near trash can

use card on the door and use can on the keypad to reveal fingerprint
tap these numbers : 23670 to open door and escape


solution of high school escape level 7 video cheats guide :

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