Just Escape Futuristic Room 4 Walkthrough

Just Escape Futuristic Room 4 Walkthrough Cheats how to solve puzzles and find hints on the abandoned space station to unlock the door and Just Escape the room
Just Escape a room escape game by Inertia Software


just escape futuristic level 4 video cheat guide :

just escape futuristic room 4 solutions :
open the right middle locker for 2 keycard and pen, now open the right locker for copper wire

tap the left monitor, use the pen to open the left panel
you will see a green battery, pick it up
select the blue card and use it on the right slot of the monitor
tap the red bulb on the monitor to change it into blue color and green into red
look at the right locker there’s a hint code : 0529

tap the left monitor and change the red bulb into green
look on the sewer, you can see a key.. now create a magnet to reach it
combine pen + copper wire together, then add the battery
use the combined item to get the key


use the key to open the 1st locker on the right
open it and get a green keycard
dismantle the green keycard, and use it on the monitor card slot
enter 0529
now add red keycard on the slot
solve the hanoi tower puzzle to move the block from left to the right with the same order of width
when you finish, the door will open and you can continue for just escape level 5

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