Just Escape Medieval Room 4 Walkthrough

Just Escape Medieval Room 4 Walkthrough Cheats how to solve puzzles and find clues on the medieval castle to unlock the door and Just Escape the room
Just Escape a room escape game by Inertia Software


just escape medieval level 4 video cheat guide :

just escape medieval room 4 solutions :
pick up a silver shield under the table on left
get a book and hammer on bookshelf, open the drawer for 2 shield
get the red shield on top of the bookshelf
get the yelow + green shield on left side of the bookshelf next to the broom

inspect the book inside inventory for a tool and hint : 396
dismantle the book
use the hammer to break the right vase and pick up a red + white shield
combine the hammer + tool together inside inventory
use the combined item on the floor tile with cracks to get 2 shields
tap the flag on right wall to reveal a hole
use the combined item on the hole for red + blue shield

combine white and red shield then combine green and yellow shield
select each shield and put them to the correct pattern on the left wall
now you will have 3 shields on door
tap the candle that have “396” for the number of candles with fire :
4th shield = 3 candles
7th shield = 9 candles
2nd shield = 6 candles


now change the shield on door for the correct shield pattern :
4 color red + blue – 8 color red + blue – 3 color purple + yellow
the door will open and you can escape from this room

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