Let’s Escape Stage 14 Walkthrough

Cheats for Let’s Escape Stage 14 Walkthrough – mobest media room escape guide how to find each room key by solving the puzzle on each level


step by step video answer :

lets escape level 14 solution
get the steel pipe on the left hanger, use it to grab the key inside bird cage
open the right drawer and get a scissors, then use it to cut the clothes on hanger
put the clothes on cactus and look at the shadow for numbers hint
enter the number on the bottom drawer and get a plant

get the dirt on right pot, use it on the vase above cabinet for a paper clue
place the plant next to the cactus and get a key
open the bird cage and get a handle

tap the left wall next to the cabinet and put the handle
open the hatch and tap the rectangle for 4 symbols :
tea – bird – heart – star

find the color on these objects :
blue – green – yellow – purple
get the key and escape


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