Magic Escape Level 12 Walkthrough

Guide for for Magic Escape Level 12 Walkthrough – play as descendant of a druid to save your celtic people of impending roman invasion by solving magical puzzle on every level and find 15 missing spear heads on each stage room to unlock the secret room !
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magic escape level 12 walkthrough
take a knife on middle
match the puzzle on left door to open
get a broom inside and go up using ladder
remove the bird using broom and look at the wood ring for clue : 1 2 1 3
use the code to open box on table for plank
go out and connect the plank on right as ladder
move to right and tap on the right tree then connect the picture
cut the rope using knife, get the lantern from the house and use it to see the dark area from tree
take the horn and combine with the rope
use it on ladder and escape for stage 13


solution of magic escape level 12 video cheats guide :

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