Mechanical Box 2 (M-BOX-2) Level 3 Walkthrough

Solution for Mechanical Box 2 (M-BOX-2) Level 3 Walkthrough – hardest logic puzzle ever with exciting quest, can you unlock the mystery of the mechbox ? In this sequel to the popular puzzle game, you are welcomed to try on the Explorer role and make an attempt to hack a mysterious device – the MechBox ! every protection layer of it is a new original and unique puzzle.
прохождение MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever by Andrey Sklyarov on iphone and OGUREC APPS on android


Mechanical Box 2 Level 3 :

M-BOX 2 Stage 3 Cheats
tap the button that stays in order :
5 6 2
7 4 3
8 1 9
drag the button 1 to the right and tap it
now you need to solve code for :
1 root pi N
read the half bottom part to get roman numerals : 1 5 2 4
now squint your eyes to read the symbols on middle for number : 6128
enter the password code and tap the button to proceed for stage 4


I should warn you that some of these puzzles are extremely difficult. But each and every puzzle can be solved if you pay attention to details and think logically and creatively. Are you ready to accept this challenge, experience the joy of victory and join the few who could discover the mystery of the Mechanical Box?

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