My Escape Puzzle Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough

Answers for My Escape Puzzle Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough – There are no help or hints inside this game ! so if you need help to solve the hard puzzle logic to solve 🙂 find items, look for codes or puzzle hidden somewhere in this room and try your best to find the solution ! if you feel frustrated then get all the answers here with explanation !
room escape game by 10P STUDIO on iOS and Android


My Escape Puzzle Level 11 Walkthrough
tap the puzzle on the door, you need to move the blocks for each color : red – green – blue to the top

use the arrow one by one to move the color block

My Escape Puzzle Level 12 Walkthrough
tap the board there are black and white pieces :
7 black and 4 white
use this clue to press on left yin yang button
black dot 7 times then white dot 4 times

tap the paper on right to reveal some arrow directions :
up – left – up right – right – down left – down right – down – up right

use this clue to press on the rectangle around the new yin yang board
get the key and use it to open the door

My Escape Puzzle Level 13 Walkthrough
tap on left face picture, you need to match the bottom roman numerals with the dots on top teeth

you can combine some tooth together and use it as addition
get the gold tooth and put it on the scale to reveal numbers
enter : 5131 on keypad

My Escape Puzzle Level 14 Walkthrough
pick up the wood under the right carpet

tap on left picture
use the wood to combine 2 numbers together into 1
you will get 4826 as the answer

My Escape Puzzle Level 15 Walkthrough
get the bottle on right
tap on left book and use the bottle to reveal some color and numbers

1 = blue
5 = orange
3 = green
4 = light blue
6 = yellow
2 = red

tap on the left dots in correct color order and you will get a paper scroll with shape in it
1 = square
5 = circle
7 = diamond
4 = triangle

use the order on right frame picture : circle – diamond – square – triangle
enter 5 7 1 4 on keypad and door will open


The task is simple, solve the puzzle to open the door ! sometimes you need to find key and in order to do that you also need to find the puzzle and escape the room ! follow the instruction here to help you solve all My Escape Puzzle Walkthrough list !

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