Mystery Tales The Book of Evil Walkthrough

Cheats of Mystery Tales The Book of Evil Walkthrough – Play as a detective to find the book of evil ! The mystery is all about the book of evil, this is not an ordinary book because it contain evil verses and the book exist in korberg where mr norman miller, a professor stole the book. As david the priest learn the book stolen, he need your help to find the book and put it back on its real place.
Mystery Tales The Book of Evil by Ugly Games / UG Adventure available on android and iphone


how to play :
tap on the hotspot location and select interaction
tap on the pouch to show / hide inventory
drag and drop an invenory item on the hotspot to use the item
drag and drop inventory item with each other tocombine
you can save your progress by taping the save button

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Book of Evil Solutions
get the broken piece of green metalic leaf left side to the trash can and thread cone on right trash can
get a shear right side next to the stairs and use it to cut dead plant on left side of the house to get a bamboo stick

get the rope on right lamp and use it to the left mailbox
use the shear to cut the wire from mailbox
combine shear + wire to make a lockpick and open the mailbox with it
get a mail inside and combine with the shear to open for a ring

use the ring to make a hole on right window
combine lockpick + bamboo + thread cone as a long stick to reach key inside the window
use the key to open the house door and go inside


if you need help to play piano key, here’s the answer to press :
C E G C E G F g G F d c C
these are the clue from music notes that you can find from left room of the house


you need to collect 2 items :
4 dices
4 chess pieces
and put them on the left side and right side of the stairs to get a key for secret room

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