Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough – Guide to find 4 code numbers to open the door. You can find a lot of hints using tool items, keys, and even computer !
room escape game by Fun N Drag


story :
Little kids were playing hide and seek game, a small boy went to hide in a house but even after long time no one came to find him. When he tried to come out, the door was locked. Help the boy to escape from this house using your keen ideas and tricks. Have fun !

video cheat guide

naughty kids room escape solution :
look at the fireplace and get the hammer

move to left room, get the green screwdriver on the shelf with dolls
get an orange can on right shelf, and open it to get a key
use the key to open the table drawer on lower left
remember the number inside : 837

move right twice and look at the cabinet, enter the number into 000 and get the monitor
look at the right both black drawer to pick up key and cable

move to the right, use the key on the drawer in the bottom center to get a black book
open the book until you get the cd

use the screwdriver + hammer on the left shelf, get a flower and memory
check out the flower petals inside inventory and count them


get the pc from the table, and open it from inventory
open the case and put in the memory, then close it
place back the pc to the table and put the monitor beside it
connect the cable and turn on the power
put out the cd tray from the pc and put in the cd
look at the shape hint on the monitor
flower petal = 6
yellow C = 2
triangle = 2
square = 1
move twice to the left and enter these numbers on the door code
great escape !

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