Paranormal Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Tips for Paranormal Escape Level 6 Walkthrough how to solve mysterious puzzle and case with paranormal room escape theme as a young agent, using items and paranormal escape прохождение code to find your way out on every niveau level ! You will need to find a blue glowing skull on each stage in order to get to a secret place. Let’s try to find them ! They should be scattered around the locations you will get to.
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Paranormal Escape Level 6 Solution
A lot of people gone mad after seeing as they descibed, IT. Be careful !
get stone on left stair
pick up hammer and rope near right torch
tap middle box and use the rope on it, the add hammer to open the bottom box
get the circle stone and memorize the X position on the cover

tap middle – left stone
place the stone and move the position into :
o x o
o o o
o o x
look at the paper clue and get the red stone

go to right toch and tap left side
connect the red stone and change the direction into :
up – up left
get crystal leg inside

connect the circle to the left board near stairs
fix the puzzle to get skull head
go to left and connect the skeleton part to see a portal door

the skull is on left side next to the boxes


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