Paranormal Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Hints for Paranormal Escape Level 8 Walkthrough how to solve mysterious puzzle and case with paranormal room escape theme as a young agent, using items and paranormal escape прохождение code to find your way out on every niveau level ! You will need to find a blue glowing skull on each stage in order to get to a secret place. Let’s try to find them ! They should be scattered around the locations you will get to.
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Paranormal Escape Level 8 Solution
A lot of workers gone missing in this mine. Try to find out what happened to them.
tap the track and get a pickaxe
pick up skull on right side
look at the left side and connect the skull and skeleton circle
get the bone and use it as lever for the middle track, tap it to see a cart
obtain flashlight from track

take batteries inside left cabinet
combine battery + flashlight
use pickaxe to break right stones and use flashlight to get a key
the skull is on left side of the cabinet
use flashlight to open right cabinet door and get the panel
connect the panel to left electricity and press the button
move to the lift and escape


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