Pirate Escape Level 15 Walkthrough

Guide for Pirate Escape Level 15 Walkthrough Ahoy, pirate! Dare to enter Pirate Escape and test your puzzle solving skills? Escape through each room with pirate theme using items and codes to get key so you can open door for next stage !
Pirate Escape by Trapped on iphone / android device


pirate escape niveau 15 solution
get a key from right net and use it to open left table drawer for knife
get the candle on table

pick up a cheese on left box
open the box and connect the color on :
top = red – blue
right = blue – yellow
left = red – green
bottom = green – yellow
obtain a mouse trap

combine mouse trap + cheese and place it on the floor right side next to the door
go back and look at the mouse trap again to see clue of dots :
o o x o
o x o o
o o o x
x o o o
get a rope on right box and open the lamp then use candle on it
memorize the skull head position on right wall : left – down right

connect the rope on right side then pull them like the dots clue
get a coin and bomb part
open the left box where you get cheese on it
place the coin and rotate the skull head like the hints
get another bomb part

use the knife to cut the right rope so the net fall
get the powder then combine with 2 bomb parts
place the bomb on door and use candle to the bomb
after the door breaks you can escape to stage 16


pirate escape nivel 15 video cheats guide

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