Pirate Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Solution for Pirate Escape Level 2 Walkthrough Ahoy, pirate! Dare to enter Pirate Escape and test your puzzle solving skills? Escape through each room with pirate theme using items and codes to get key so you can open door for next stage !
Pirate Escape by Trapped on iphone / android device


pirate escape niveau 2 solution
get knife on left table and use it on the right wall to get a stone
look inside the hole, there’s a clue : 1493
get cloth on right wall
use the numbers to open treasure box
take the handle

put the cloth on left table to reveal the correct roman numbers : IV III I II
connect the handle to left wall
then change the lever position like the hint
o o x o
o o o x
o x o o
x o o o
go to the door and break the bars using stone
exit to stage 3


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