Pirate Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Answer for Pirate Escape Level 9 Walkthrough Ahoy, pirate! Dare to enter Pirate Escape and test your puzzle solving skills? Escape through each room with pirate theme using items and codes to get key so you can open door for next stage !
Pirate Escape by Trapped on iphone / android device


pirate escape niveau 9 solution
get bucket and vase on right side
use bucket on the left fountain and pour the water to the lotus
tap the lotus to get 1st key and memorize the lotus color : light purple – purple – green – light green

place the vase on left cabinet to get a shovel
use the shovel on right sand
look at the letters : TARE
now tap the color : 2nd 4th 3rd 1st
get 2nd key
open the left box using both keys and get the head statue

enter the letters : TARE on right statue
connect the head to the left statue and you will have the door open
proceed to stage 10


pirate escape nivel 9 video cheats guide

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