Prelude Room Escape Walkthrough

You’re on a single room with some hints to open the door, a game by Glenn Dixon. With prelude room escape walkthrough you will figure out the answer to find the zodiac number, open the safe, solve the circle color hint and escape this room !


prelude room escape solution :
click on the table to find a record player
stop it and take a look the disc to observe, remember a number 28 on right

click the puzzle on right and connect all the circuit, you will see a number in the middle : 60
remember the yellow dot

back then go to the right wall, where you can see 2 objects : green and red
check out the green one on left, it’s a tetris puzzle
make all the screen green with the shape and use the button to move : up left down right
once succeed done a number 10 will appear
remember the green dot

next check out the red one on right, these are zodiac symbols
press the lever to see 3 random zodiac with numbers on the bottom left
each zodiac has a fixed value of numbers, and the bottom left numbers are the total
your job is to find the value of the numbers on the picture of zodiac on bottom right
the answers are :
Leo = 3
Capricorn= 5
Cancer = 4
Scorpio = 6
Libra = 8
add all numbers and you’ll have : 26
remember the blue dot

go back to the table, and check on the middle paper
there are 3 circles with direction + 1 battery + 3 tetris shape
this pictures shows the number from color and the direction to open the safe
Blue dot = 26
Green dot = 10
Red dot = 28
Yellow dot = 60.

now do the equations for each color on the circle :
6.5(26/4)+ 2.5(10/4)+ 14(28/2)= 23
45(60/4×3)+ 7(28/4)= 52
3.33(10/3)+ 8.66(26/3)+ 20(60/3)= 32

23 right – 52 left – 32 right
inside the safe you will get a cardboard piece with arrow shape with color green and purple inside a square

go to the door and change the pattern from the puzzle into the one like arrow shape from cardboard piece
g – g – g – g – g
g – p – w – w – w
g – w – p – w – w
g – w – w – p – w
g – w – w – w – b


g = green
p = purple
w = white
b = black
open the door and escape

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