Prison Break Alcatraz Level 9 Walkthrough

Guide for Prison Break Alcatraz Level 9 Walkthrough – Solve the puzzle on each alkatraz prison room and find hidden items, locks, key code or your way out to escape from alcatraz prison ! there are 9 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from prison room.
прохождение Prison Break: Alcatraz by Amphibius Developers on android device


Prison Break Alkatraz Level 9 Cheats :
look at the middle for knife and use it to open cardboard for phone
tap left shelf to get the stamp and charger
plug in the charger to the middle and connect the phone for code : 7321
tap left box and enter the numbers for spray bottle
open bottom left drawer and kill ants using spray
take the matches

tap the candle on left shelf and use the matches to lit it on
take the candle and put it on right table then use the stamp
you will see code 9736

tap left box and enter the numbers to get tweezers
look at bottle on left shelf and get key with tweezers

tap box on right shelf and open with key to get hammer
tap the poster on left wall and use hammer to break the wall
escape through the hole


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