Prison Break Lockdown Level 6 Walkthrough

Cheats for Prison Break Lockdown Level 6 Walkthrough – Solve the puzzle on each prison room and find hidden objects, locks, keys or your way out to escape from prison ! there are 9 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from prison room.
прохождение Prison Break: Lockdown by Amphibius Developers on android device


Prison Break Lockdown Level 6 Cheats :
open the toilet tank and get a toothbrush
use the brush to clean the stain on left wall for code 0015
use these numbers to open the box on table for iron
connect the iron to the toilet tank and tap the handle so the water gone
pick up the pliers and use it to break the razor on table, take the cutter
move the bed and use the pliers to get spring

use the cutter to get cloth from the pillow
place the cloth on the sink and tap the faucet
the water will make the guard fall down
use the spring to get the key from guard
open the door with key and escape to stage 7


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