Psycho Escape Level 13 Walkthrough

Answer for Psycho Escape Level 13 Walkthrough – I’m tracking your movement. A dark alley is a bad place to be. What if i’ll meet you at the other side ? Run from the murderer by solving the puzzle on each room and escape through every door !
прохождение Psycho Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


psycho escape niveau 13 solution :
tap right side to see word RaK
enter these letters to open box on left chair for card
take the pump behind chair
pick up a flat basket ball on right corner near trash can
get a knife on left door and use it to get a pump tip on right bag
combine pump + tip + basket ball to inflate it

use the basketball to hit the ring on middle
get the key and crowbar
use crowbar to open right trash can for screwdriver

tap left door and use key to open electric panel
unscrew it open using screwdriver
change the dial like the direction on door
vertical – horizontal
horizontal – vertical
use the card on left slot to open door and escape to stage 14


psycho escape nivel 13 video cheat guide :

Will you manage to stay alive and escape ? Try your skills in this new escape game ! return to all levels psycho escape walkthrough list

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