Psycho Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Cheats for Psycho Escape Level 2 Walkthrough – You think you’ll escape through the park ?
Don’t you know that night parks are the most popular place for shooting films about a maniac or a killer ?.. Run from the murderer by solving the puzzle on each room and escape through every door !
прохождение Psycho Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


psycho escape niveau 2 solution :
tap right park bench to get an iron
get a wire on left fence
look at the electric panel on middle, connect the wire to turn on the lamp
pick up the board near pole
use the iron to open the sewer hatch, look inside and connect the board
you need to change the board tile position so 3 shape connect perfectly
now get the numbers in order : 5613
use this code to open the red box on bench for key
open the left door fence using this key and escape to stage 3


psycho escape nivel 2 video cheat guide :

Will you manage to stay alive and escape ? Try your skills in this new escape game ! return to all levels psycho escape walkthrough list

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