Psycho Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Answers for Psycho Escape Level 7 Walkthrough – Want to hide in the crowd? What if i’m also hiding here? Run from the murderer by solving the puzzle on each room and escape through every door !
прохождение Psycho Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


psycho escape niveau 7 solution :
get bottle opener from table and use it to open bottle on bar
take cloth on right shelf and use it on the water bottle
use the cloth to clean the table for 4 symbols clue

get key on wall right side next to the TV
use the key to open box on bar for scissors
tap the left table and use the scissors to cut the net on soccer ball
get ball and put it on the right shelf
change the symbol on each ball like the hint to get a remote

use the remote to turn on TV for code 3985
tap the door and press the keypad number to open
escape to stage 8


psycho escape nivel 7 video cheat guide :

Will you manage to stay alive and escape ? Try your skills in this new escape game ! return to all levels psycho escape walkthrough list

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